Elizabeth Hospital: How to Tighten the Vagina

Recently, some patients come to Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital to seek medical help. They want to find out how to tighten their vagina. Actually, one of the biggest complaints among women is that they feel they have a loose vagina. We could understand that the feeling of not having a tight vagina leaves many amazing women with low self-esteem and unable to have the sex life they desire.
People usually think that having too much sex or having a baby loosens the vagina. Is that right? Actually not. It’s not the vagina that’s loose, but the pelvic floor muscle. The pelvic floor muscleis what surrounds both the vagina and vaginal wall muscle. When the pelvic floor muscle is tight, everything else will be nicely held and supported in place. The reason the vaginal wall muscle becomes loose is because it sort of looks and acts like a folded, very elastic and stretchy accordion. So when the pelvic floor muscle stretches, the vaginal wall muscle can’t help itself and will unfold more and more with it to.
Let’s face it, ladies, time marches on. We get older, exercise less, and have babies. And all the while, our bodies are changing. A loosening of the vagina is very common, but have a healthy diet and do exercise can help you to to combat with this change.

1. Exercise
Do exercise, just like the Kegel exercise. It is also known as pelvic floor exercise, which specifically target this area and prevent weakness in the pelvic floor area. The pelvic floor is often referred to as a “hammock” of muscles that hold all of the pelvic organs in place. Kegel exercise is to treat a loose vagina. It can be done in the privacy of your own home, no matter standing, sitting or lying in bed, no one knows you are doing the exercise.

Also, we can do other exercises like yoga. These all incorporate working on the pelvic floor muscle and strengthening your core muscles, so that they will help to keep your pelvic floor muscles tighter for longer. Most women can feel the difference in about 8 weeks after regularly exercising.
2. A Healthy Diet 
To keep the muscles in your body strong, you don’t just need exercise, you also need to have a healthy diet to ensure the muscles correct growth and repair. A healthy diet is full of wholegrain, organic carbohydrates, organic lean animal protein and organic fruits and vegetables. For example, eat more soybeans, peanuts, corn, beans, kidney beans and so on. As these foods are rich in vitamin B2, which can actively participate in the body cell growth and metabolism.

3. To Seek Medical Help

Indeed, seeking medical help in China is not easy for many foreigners. Fortunately, Elizabeth is a new type of obstetrics and gynecology hospital with advanced medical concept, medical treatment, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. At present, Elizabeth VIP clinic is actively working with international commercial and insurance companies to set up a customer safety committee to protect customers’ medical treatment and medical security. As a reputed hospital of medical social insurance in Guangzhou and direct billing center of international commercial insurance, this hospital acts as a leading brand in the field of maternal and infant health care. In addition, we provide our services in several languages and our interpreters are well willing to help you in any way.

The Elizabeth Hospital provides personalized services such as free pregnancy-related courses, optional delivery packages, water birth and postpartum special meals. We are open to all patients every day and provide fundamental medical care services. We bring together renowned experts to provide international standard medical care in Obstetrics, Reproductive Medical Services, Gynecology, Medical Cosmetology, Postpartum Rehabilitation, Aesthetic Medical Treatment, Maternal and Children health Care. Elizabeth International Medical Center has attracted many celebrities, politicians, businessmen including medical check ups and deliveries from up to 90 countries/territories. Our Mission is not only to fully care for Women and Infants but also to provide human oriented medical care for everyone.


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