What Do You Know About World Earth Day and Air-ink

April 22 is Earth Day
.This year’s campaign is all about environmental & climate literacy.A young guy from India has launched such a campaign.

Beijing has always been a desirable city for people world wild.But more and more people choose to leave because of the air pollution.In fact, it has become an inevitable side effect in every country for industrialization and urbanization.It is the same situation in a developing country such as India.The air pollution is a big problem both in Delhi, the capital, and Bangalore, the industrial center.

Anirudh Sharma graduated from MIT is now staying in the U.S..He has never forgotten the air pollution in his hometown.He decides to apply his knowledge into an invention that helps to control it.

One day, he saw that there’s black ash coming out from a burning candle.The ash is made up of carbon, which can be used for painting or writing.He proposes a hypothesis: can we turn the air pollution into a type of carbon ink?

Base on this proposal, a project called AIR-INK was launched at the Massachusetts institute of technology.Anirudh Sharma shared his idea with some friends and got them interested.It proved practical after evaluation.That’s how Graviky Labs was born.

Anirudh, Nikhil, Nisheeth, Nitesh

With the support of MIT and the continued effects of team Graviky Labs, an environmental AIR-INK invention called KAALINK is out.


The principle is to collect those carbon smoke that is not fully burned from tailpipes or chimney for filtering.

All it needs just 45mins to collect enough pollution for a large capacity ink pen.

The waste we collected will be sent to a special process to remove the heavy metal and carcinogens.The final product is what we called an environmental carbon paint, which can be used for all kinds of ink and different size of pens.


Various of art and artistic work can be present with this special ink and pens.

AIR-INK has become a favorite for artists in different fields.

Dibarah Mahmoob,插画家,达卡
                                                                   Kristopher Ho,Muralist,香港
                                                                  Sneha Sreshtha,哈佛大学
Air pollution exposure can trigger new cases of asthma, exacerbate (worsen) a previously-existing respiratory illness, and provoke development or progression of chronic illnesses including lung cancerchronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema. Air pollutants also negatively and significantly harm lung development, creating an additional risk factor for developing lung diseases later in life.

We all looking forward to the mass production of AIR-INK for the sake of better air quality and health.


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