A Wonderful Antenatal Tour in Spring Day By Elizabeth

On 19th March 2017,300 parents gather at the center of Oriental Art of Weld to enjoy the 9th Antenatal Concert called “Listen to the sound of mother’s love” held by Elizabeth Hospital with a presentation of Alice in wonderland along with music and sand painting.

A beautiful presentation of sand painting show of embryo development was given.

Another two performances were given including Poem reading called “ Our Elizabeth ” and self-introduction of our Star Service Team for the Hospital with complete demonstration of guidance from the very first step a client enters till they leave the hospital.

Next section of the show included Cat walk show of postpartum mothers and their children.

A cat walk show was given by 4 postpartum mothers who had recovered in one month, which attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone was amazed by the quick recovery and how they had done it. Mrs. Zhou, who have been enjoying a confinement service in Elizabeth says, there are two main reason that I recovered so quick,one is breastfeeding, another is the professional confinement meal from Elizabeth.

Prospective fathers experienced delivery pain

Midwife Yang says,there’s water birth simulation area for parents to experience, the water delivery can relieve labor pain, reduce the energy consumption, shorten labor and reduce maternal injuries. There’s also on site experience for labor pain. A machine that produce different pain sensation ranking from the scale of 1-10,in which weak electricity can act as a type of pain stimulator that allow prospective father to experience the labor process. After a set of challenges, all fathers who experienced it agreed to take care of their wives more.

Wonderful time always flies. The 9th antenatal concert held by Elizabeth hospital finished at 5pm. in the afternoon. More courses like pregnancy nutrition, weight management, delivery rehearse, psychological counseling, antenatal concert and interaction between mother and fetus will be given in future by the hospital.


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