Why Is Woman Always So Emotional?

Read this article,you will know ……
Not every menstruation cycle is the same.
But you can just take it as an example.

DAYS 1-2
Your period starts,
Low estrogen = fatigue,
Uterine contractions = cramps,
Good time to:Exercise gently.

DAYS 3-5
Your period ends,
As estrogen increases…
Energy rises,
You feel upbeat,
Good time to:
Power through it,
With estrogen up…
DAYS 6-9
Your face looks,
more symmetrical,
Your skin glows,
With testosterone up…
You’re on top of your game,
You’re quick on your feet,
Good time to:
Take initiative.
DAYS 10-13
Estrogen peaks,
You’re at your sexiest and most fertile,
Orgasms are most intense and attainable,
You’re optimistic and social,
Good time to:
Get out there.

Ovary releases an egg,
If not fertilized,dissolves.
DAYS 15-18
Sudden hormone changes may intensify emotions and tiredness.
DAYS 19-22
Estrogen drops,
Testosterone and progesterone surge,
Excess oil = breakouts and sensitive skin,
Good time to:
Eat healthy.
DAYS 23-25
High progesterone can cause bloating and lowered libido,
Don’t feel like you have to do it all,
Despite possible sluggishness, 
Conquer PMS …
and boost serotonin with …

DAYS 26-28
To ease breast soreness … 
Cut down on caffeine,
Reduce sugar intake,
Stay hydrated,
And get ready to…
Do it all again.
For more information: Why Is Woman Always So Emotional?

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