An Indian Mom Gave Birth To 11 Babies At Once—About Multiples Pregnancy

Having a pregnancy with one baby means great changes in your life, not to mention your body. It may seem hard to imagine to have twins or multiple pregnancies. Recently, a news about an Indian woman gave birth to 11 babies at once has gone viral on Chinese social media. Maria Hernandes, living in India, gave birth after experiencing 2 hours of labor and a marvelous vaginal birth.


What a miracle! Maternal love is great.


Doctors were very surprised, most mainly say they were shocked, to have such a successful delivery.


They literally came out one by one. From the first baby came out, and the last baby was born, it was only 17 minutes. 

What Is A Multiple Pregnancy?

A multiple pregnancy means that a pregnant woman has two or more babies in her uterus. These babies can come from the same egg or different egg. Despite the multiple pregnancy accounts for a small percentage of all births, the rate is rising.

Things To Consider During Your Multiple Pregnancy

There are so many things to consider when carrying multiples to make sure each baby stay healthy and active.

More Frequent Prenatal Visits

Your multiple pregnancies mean you stand a better chance of a premature birth——probably delivery before 37 weeks. You’ll need more frequent prenatal visits than you would with a singleton, as a general guideline, you should visit your doctor once a month for the first 24 weeks, every other week until 32 weeks, and then weekly(or more frequent) after 32 weeks.


Adequate Nutrition

Expecting more than one baby? Getting adequate nutrition during your multiple pregnancies to make sure you have the healthiest babies possible. Due to the great requirement of multiples for nutrition, it’s generally recommended that women carrying more than one baby have a daily nutrition diet containing iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin, etc.


Weight Gain

Due to the risks of preterm labor in a multiples pregnancy, it’s particularly necessary for a mom-to-be carrying two or more babies to gain a certain amount of weight, which will help her babies have a healthy birth weight. Take a look at the table below:


Moderate Prenatal Exercise

With multiples, you’ll probably experience some pregnancy discomforts, like fatigue, varicose veins, backache, edema, etc. Taking some moderate exercises, like Yoga, arm exercise and swimming to relieve these symptoms of discomforts.


For more information: About Multiples Pregnancy


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