How To Make Baby’s Halloween Special and Safe?


ghostHappy Halloween! Have your kids been counting the days since the last year? You’re not alone. It’s definitely one of the most popular family holiday—adorable costumes, delicious candy, and more! But as parents, you do need to take special precautions when it comes to Halloween treats, because the celebrations can be haunted in unexpected ways if parents are not careful.

Even small children and toddlers are a part of Halloween festivities. To ensure your children’s safety and your peace of mind, I offer advise on three aspects, costumes, events and activities, trick or treating. Check out these tips so the holiday will be a real treat for all.


ghostYou need to make sure that these store-bought costumes have no choking hazards or loose buttons or accessories.

ghostBabies love to be on their feet even though they are still a little bit wobbly. To ensure that can safely move around, hem long costumes and capes so they have no loose fabric to step on.


ghostBefore you help your child wear any makeup (even if it is just a few dots on their cheeks), test the makeup in a small spot to make sure the product doesn’t irritate your child’s skin.


#Events and Activities

ghostLook around for events that specifically state that they are for younger children. Halloween is supposed to be spooky, but you don’t want it to be scary for your kids. Make sure that the events you are attending have specified that the event is friendly for small children.

#Trick or Treating

ghostKids are likely to want to walk during some of their trick-or-treat experience. But don’t let them walk on their own in dark or crowded areas.


ghostSmaller kids may be unable to eat the candy they collect. Let them enjoy the fun of putting candy in their bag, but don’t let them put anything in their mouth until you have checked and approved it.


For more information: Make Baby’s Halloween Special and Safe


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