World Elite Cat Theme Prenatal Education Concert

Prenatal education music, as a kind of easy-enjoying art, will be a great help for the development of a baby’s IQ and EQ.It is so beneficial to the fetus that our parents appreciate a lot. 
Elizabeth Women’s Hospital, as an international high-end organization,¥we have always been focusing on prenatal care. We regularly organize prenatal education lectures and concerts for parents to learn more about the importance of this advance concept.
The most exciting truth is that with more and more parents approval the magic power of our prenatal education, which has made it an honor for us to continue our service for the need of early education. On October 23rd 14:00, there will be a world elite cat theme prenatal education concert in Asia International Hotel. We are looking forward to your arrival!
Music List
Activity Items
Tmall Surprise
Lucky Draw
Delivery Package Discount
Prestore 20,000y-Get 1500y Discount;
Prestore 30,000y-Get 4000y Discount;
Prestore 40,000y-Get 7500y Discount.
Add: No.326, huan shi dong road, GZ.(Asia International Hotel)
Metro: Line 5, Xiaobei station exit, walk towards east 5mins.
Want to join us? Please call at 189 2218 2959.

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