Psychological Changes During Pregnancy Workshop

Psychological Changes During Pregnancy Workshop
In general, many expectant mothers probably tend to get excited and nervous as their due date draw near, which is considered a normal part of pregnancy. “It’s important for pregnant women to manage stress and reduce anxiety and understand the normal psychological changes that occur throughout the different stages of pregnancy” says Dr. Hati Malinova, a senior psychologist at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital.

Introduction of Dr. Hati Malinova


Nationality: Bulgarian
IPCF Registered Senior Psychologist (Pre -Perinatal -Postnatal Psychology)
Oxford College A Level CBT therapist
Founder of Self Hypnosis Based Gentle Birth

6 years academic mental health research background in Hacettepe University Hospitals Turkey .Gynecology, Terminal Oncology, Neurosurgery Psychology support experience during her working period at Hacettepe University Hospitals. 5 years experience in Developmental Psychology practice in early childhood in Shanghai.3 years experience as Director of International VIP department at Changsha Maria Maternity Hospital Hunan, China Currently working as Director of International Medical Center and Psychology Department at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital ,China.

What You Need To Know About Psychological Changes During Pregnancy

What is pregnancy support counseling service?
This psychology service offers pregnancy support counseling to assist women who have any personal concerns related to a current or recent pregnancy.


What is pregnancy support counseling?
Pregnancy support counseling we offer is con?dential, supportive, non-judgmental for pregnant women who have any concerns, such as adjustment following the pregnancy, or general issues related to a pregnancy.


We support a woman through pregnancy-related issues, and to provide information about the options and services relevant to her pregnancy concerns. The partner of the women can also attend the counseling session with the woman, if appropriate.

When is pregnancy support counseling helpful?

Pregnancy support counseling helpful for a number of pregnancy-related issues, such as:

  • Making decisions and exploring possible options about the pregnancy and the future;
  • Dealing with a variety of feelings related to the pregnancy;
  • Coming to terms with unexpected outcomes during and after the pregnancy;
  • Discussing the pregnancy with support groups.


What does pregnancy support counseling service do?

  • We provide a psychology support service to the women and families using the maternity services here at Guangzhou Elizabeth Hospital;
  • We offer pregnancy support counseling service antenatal during the labor and postnatal stages.
  • Coping with difficult pregnancy or experienced traumatic labor, and for those who have some anxieties about being pregnant again or tokophobia.
  • Complicated pregnancies and have to cope with extra stress during pregnancy;

Fertility problems.

  • Follow up sessions for women and their partners, where there has been a traumatic birth;
  • Promote the psychological awareness of pregnancy and emotional well-being of women and their families.
  • When experience of pregnancy and childbirth has left you feeling upset and confused and that you need some help to understand your experience.
  • We Offer support and counseling for individuals and couples who want to talk about and understand more about their pregnancy, birth experiences and family related concerns. Event Information:
    Event Topic: Psychological Changes During Pregnancy Workshop
    Attendee: Unlimited
    Time: 2:30pm~5:00pm, Saturday, Sep 24th, 2016
    Email: Phone: 18933981688
    Address: Kangwang Road No. 484, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China
    Sponsor: Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital

For more information: Psychological Changes During Pregnancy Workshop


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