Elizabeth Tea Culture Class In Han Clothing

Elizabeth Tea Culture Class In Han Clothing


Since the first activity is so successful, Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital is excited to invite you for the second time tea culture class in Han clothing. Just imagine, we shall start the class with the melodious ancient music of China. At that moment the tea aroma is going to satiate the air. You can even feel the tea charm. “It’s not the tea that intoxicates but the drinker who gets himself drunk”.



In the last lesson we learned how to make tea (tie guan yin, a type of oolong tea) with tureen. The class went well and enjoyed great popularity. Now according to positive feedback requests: the black tea and milk tea course will be carried out soon.

There will be more people joining this time, so we have decided to hold the activity in our tea house, which can offer a quiet environment.

We can enjoy the tea culture in such elegant atmosphere on Sep 21st, 2:00~4:00pm(Wednesday).

Address: JIA MU TEA HOUSE, Tancun Metro Station Exit B, 700 meters.

Number of people: 10

Teaching fee: Free for the first time

Course process: 1:45pm: Registration and change clothes, 2~4pm: Class time.

The next course is on October 14th (Friday)


The tea ceremony classroom teaching mode:

Five arrays of tea sets; one set for each person to use in class;

Five sets of hanfu, selection of apparel, attachment are photographed;

After the tea demo, the teachers will share you with their tea knowledge and dim sum;

Moreover, there will be ancient music performance operated by our teacher;

Looking forward to your participation.


For More Information: Elizabeth Tea Culture Class In Han Clothing


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