Whether Having One Baby or Two or More Children?

Whether Having One Baby or Two or More Children?


Li Na, a two-time grand slam champion from China, announced via Facebook that she is pregnant with her second child this May. She will have the same number of children as she does major singles titles.

Kim Clijsters thied time pregnant.jpg

Kim Clijsters, Li Na’s competitor, announced on Twitter that baby number three is on the way! Hi guys !!! Nr 3 is on the way…

Roger Federer four kids

Roger Federer, another one of the greatest player, and his wife welcome their second set of twins. So the couples are the parents to four children, one set of twins baby girls and one set of twins baby boys.

baby borther.jpg

Unlike those celebrity couples, ordinary people can’t afford to hire a nanny to take care of their babies, they have to do these themselves. When it comes to whether having one child or having two or more children, opinions are different on this issue.

Crawling babies boys group wearing diapers. Isolated on white ba

Undoubtedly, having two or more children is much harder for parents than having one child. Adding another kid is almost like creating a new whole family again. But a study has found that parents with multiple children are more satisfied than those with one child because they enjoy the chaos of a large family. Of course, every coin has its two sides.

one child family.jpg

Here are some advantages of having one child.

1: An only child gets very attached to his/her parents and has a great relationship with them.

2: An only child gets the best in everything like material things and otherwise.

3: An only child gets his/her parents undivided attention.

4: An only child does not have to deal with other siblings.

5: An only child does not have to compete with other siblings for his/her parents’ attention.

6: An only child will not be compared with another sibling.

7: An only child is more independent.

Family expecting new baby.  Little boy and his father embrace pregnant mother

Here are some advantages of having a large-ish family.

1: Everywhere you go, it’s a party: the grocery store, the zoo, concerts, the beach …

2: Babies are the best toys ever. The more, the merrier.

3: You get to enjoyably freak out friends and relatives.

4: If you don’t count paid childcare, having multiple children is relatively inexpensive until they hit the teens. They don’t eat that much and kids clothes, if you’re not a fashionista, are cheap.

5: Built in social security on multiple levels.

6: Many amazing little personalities to enjoyably nurture and teach.

7: As the first child grows into near-adulthood, for many years you still have many other children to enjoy.

For more information: Whether Having One Child or Two or More Children?


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