A UK Baby Has Survived After Doctor Stopped His Heart for 15 Hours

A UK Baby Has Survived After Doctor Stopped His Heart for 15 Hours.


Nathan Byrne, a nine-month-old boy in the UK, born with a large hole in his heart and faced almost certain death has survived against all odds after the doctor stopped his thumbnail-sized heart for 15 hours for a life-saving surgery.


Nathan has TOF( Tetralogy of Fallot ), a rare condition which causes narrowing of the pulmonary artery. Every time doctors tried to take the little baby off the machine that kept him alive during surgery his heart and lungs stopped working.


His mother, Lesley, 28, said: “To look at him, you would never know what he’s been through, he has so much energy and never stops smiling.”


As parents, we never want our child to undergo any surgery to go through the pain. But when it comes to child’s surgery, you should be able to know how to prepare your baby for a surgery. Here are some essential tips which relieve anxiety from surgery for the baby and family.

  • Before the days of surgery, it’s best to keep your baby’s routines as consistent as possible and make sure the baby and family have enough rest for the days of surgery.toy-for-baby-when-surgery
  • Make a list of helpful and security items to bring to the hospital for your baby. This will help create a more familiar environment and make the hospital stay more comfortable.
  • A surgery can be frightening for any child of any time. But keep in mind that your baby looks to you for reassurance. Make sure at least one parent or guardian company with the baby as much as possible so that he or she will have a familiar face, voice and smile.


  • The short period before surgery when the baby can’t eat or drink can be very hard, you should try to distract and comfort him or her during this time.

In generally, a baby will gradually resume his or her daily activities after surgery. Your preparations can improve your child’s ability to cope with the disease, reduce fears, increase stamina, which will make a big difference in a child’s growth, development and future.

At Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital

For more information:How to prepare your baby for a surgery


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