A Post-90s Girl Helps a Pregnant Woman Gave a Birth in Toilet

A Post-90s Girl Helps a Pregnant Woman Gave a Birth in Toilet—How an Expectant Mother Deal With Medical Emergencies

This is the remarkable moment that a post-90s licensed practical nurse help a woman as she gives birth to a baby boy in a shopping mall’s toilet.


Zihui Wang, who works at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, was thrust into the role of the midwife and call an ambulance upon hearing the news that a pregnant woman was about to give birth. As she waited for the ambulance to arrive, the baby’s head started to appear and urgent steps were required to take immediately.


Wang told one of the shopping mall staff to fetch a clean towel and delivered the baby safely, she cleaned and pumped the water out of the newborn baby’s nose and mouth, with her professional treatment, the baby finally uttered its first cry. Then she cut the?baby’s umbilical cord and made sure it could?breathe properly. After cleaning the mother and her newborn baby, the medics transferred both them to a hospital where they could be checked over safely.


It’s really an amazing and happy thing for a girl becoming a mother, but for those mothers in labor, some medical emergencies may happen in daily life. So it’s essential for pregnant women to know how to deal with some emergency situations. Here are some tips worth your attention when encountering emergency situations.

abdominal-pain-during-pregnancyAbdominal Pain—Abdominal pain is very common during pregnancy, and it can be due to your pregnancy changes that accommodate your growing baby. Abdominal pain that always happens occasionally and unexpectedly, as a mother-to-be, it is essential to be able to recognize all symptoms and know when to call a doctor.


A Cold During Pregnancy—A cold or a cough is particularly annoying during pregnancy despite the fact that it’s not a serious illness. As we all know, ginger juice and brown sugar water is a very effective way of preventing and treating a cold. For your own security, however, it is best to consult with your doctor before taking any other medications to relieve your symptoms.


Vomiting During Pregnancy—Vomiting always occurs in early pregnancy, which is considered to be a normal part of pregnancy. Frequent vomiting may cause dehydration. If you have severe vomiting, you should get medical advise as soon as possible, the sooner you get treatment, the more likely you will be to avoid severe symptoms.


Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy—Vaginal bleeding can be caused by a lot of reasons. If vaginal bleeding occurs in the first of trimester of pregnancy, it may not be a sign of serious problems, but if vaginal bleeding occurs in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, it may be a sign of a possible complication worth your attention, then call your doctor right away. Be prepared to give information about the amount of blood you’ve lost and a description of how you’re feeling overall.

At Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital

For more information: A post-90s Girl Helps a Pregnant Woman Gave a Birth in Toilet


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