Invitation to Chinese Tea Ceremony Class

Invitation to Chinese Tea Ceremony Class

Hello, everyone, we will conduct a lesson called “ Experience Chinese Culture Through Tea Ceremony” at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women Hospital next Friday, If you want to experience the real Chinese-style tea ceremony lesson with traditional decorations, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are available on that day.

Teacher Name: Dan Ning
Class Topic: Experience Chinese Culture Through Tea Ceremony
Price: Free
Attendee: 5~10 people (tentative)
Time: 10am~12am, Friday, Aug 26th, 2016
Email:  Phone: 18933981688
Address: Kangwang Road No. 484, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China
Sponsor: Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital
Co-organizer: Tea People League

Introduction of Chinese Tea Ceremony
The Chinese tea ceremony, which is also called “Chadao”, is one of the traditional Chinese cultural activities that help people enjoy tea with a calm feeling due to the unique philosophy and procedures involved. Nowadays, many venues offer the chance for people to try and experience the Chinese tea ceremony, for example in tea ceremony workshops for foreign visitors. You can discover a new aspect of Chinese culture by experiencing the Chinese tea ceremony!


Introduction of Tea People League
Tea People League was originally founded to provide more standardized and specialized career development patterns for people engaged in tea industry, building an innovation-integration service platform.

More information: Invitation to Chinese Tea Ceremony Class


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