A 35-week Pregnant Woman Performing Gravity-defying Pole-dance Tricks.

A 35-week Pregnant Woman Performing Gravity-defying Pole-dance Tricks.

Despite brink of giving birth, Tabitha Vincent, 23-year-old, is still performing pole-dance tricks. The first time mother-to-be — who is a pole-dance instructor — has even said she wants to pole dance during delivery because she believes it will keep her distracted from contractions.



As expected, many people have been critical of Tabitha’s continued efforts to pole dance, suggesting she is putting her unborn baby at risk. At first, Tabitha also doubted whether she should carry on dancing during her pregnancy, but the midwives advised Tabitha it was unlikely for her to harm her unborn baby as her body was already used to that sort of exercise.


According to Dr. Xu, in Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital, both mum-to-be and fetus can benefit greatly from pregnancy exercise. For mother-to-be, pregnancy exercise can help improve blood circulation and boost metabolism, prevent or relieve leg swelling during pregnancy. In addition, proper aerobic exercise can increase stamina and muscle flexibility, which contribute to smoother delivery. For the fetus, pregnancy exercise might increase the oxygen supply to expectant mum’s brain, which enhances the release of enkephalin, delivery of this nutrient substance across placenta to fetus might boost the development of fetal brain.

5 Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women


  • Walking—Walking is one of the best pregnancy exercise for mother-to-be to enhance cardiovascular function, it can stay healthy, meanwhile, won’t sprained knee and ankle.


  • Swimming—Swimming is a specially beneficial for pregnant woman, it keeps you naturally cool while working out, and makes you feel lighter due to the buoyancy of water.


  • Dancing—-Dancing is an elegant exercise during pregnancy, not only does it get you to move your body to music you love, but it will keep you flexible while working out.


  • Yoga—Prenatal Yoga is increasingly popular among pregnant women as it tones the physical body, especially the pelvic floor, hip, and abdominal muscles.


  • Stretching—Stretching exercises during pregnancy helps keep your body flexible and relaxed and prevents muscle injury.

More information: A 35-week Pregnant Woman Performing Gravity-defying Pole-dance Tricks


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