International Lefthanders Day—Make Your Child More Intelligent

International Lefthanders Day—Make Your Child More Intelligent


Today, August 13 is celebrated as International Lefthanders Day worldwide. Despite only about 10 percent of the world’s population, there are still plenty of celebrities who are left handed, including stateman, entrepreneur, scientist, actor, athlete. And it’s widely believed that left handed are more intelligent and creative than right handed people, so they might have the advantages in certain areas.


Being a lefty is not a bad thing, but a little different. For a parent, you can’t actually be sure which hand your child will prefer until around they are 2~3 years old. Your toddler always favors his/her hand for writing, eating, and throwing. While in today’s world, we have many tools to help lefties go about their daily activities, but there are still many challenges for left handed people in right handed dominated world.

As a parent, don’t let your left handed child feel left out, help her feel comfortable and special by developing his/her left-hand skills for something they are interested in.

Here Are Some Tips for Parents To Help Their Left-handed Child More Intelligent

Understand and respect your child—For the most part, being left-handed shouldn’t get into trouble in their daily life. Even if your child encounters a right-oriented obstacle, then he/she get discouraged, you need to understand and respect your child, and encourage he/she to adjust and move forward.

Understand and respect your child.jpg

Keep your child in good company—Look to the past to tell your baby that he is in good company with Benjamin Franklin, who was so proud of his left-handedness that he wrote a whole treatise in favor of the left hand.


Get some left-handed items for your child—Today, in many stores, we can see a full range of left handed items available for left handed children, from school goods to sports goods. Al these items are more convenient for your child to use.

More information:International Lefthanders Day


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