Unveil the Secret of Infant’s Growth—Professor Ben’s Parenting Mini Lecture

Conca and his son.png

Benjamin, Guangzhou Evergrande top foreign aid Conca’s son, playing soccer on sports field.
Gao Lin and his daughter.png
Cathy, Guangzhou Evergrande technical striker Gao Lin’s daughter, preparing for “college entrance examination”.
Muriqui and his sonMuriqui, the best foreign aid in China and Asia, with his son Gabriel.

Kim Young Kwon and his daughter

Kim Young Kwon, Guangzhou Evergrande defender, with his daughter.

Every parents wants their child grow up healthy and offers the best care for him/her. In order to help more infants and children have access to Infants&Children’s Medical Services. Ben Xiaoming, professor at Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, will visit Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital for regular monthly consultation, which makes more infants have access to medical and health care services with international standards at home.

Specially-Invited Expert: Ben Xiaoming
webwxgetmsgimg (1)
Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital’s chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor of perinatal medicine center.


Professional Fields:
Newborn/Infant/Children: Malnutrition/Abnormal Growth & Development/Treatment of Common Diseases;
Progestation Eugenics Counseling;
Gestation Fetal Development Evaluation.

Time : 10:00AM 8/13/2016 ( Saturday )
Location : Parenting College of the 5th Floor in Elizabeth Hospital

Want make an appointment? call us at 18933981688.


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