General Pediatrics

The Department of General Pediatrics at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital is dedicated to providing a full range of state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient clinical services for children and their families from within the region, across the country, and around the world.


Our Goal Is To Treat All Children With Care, Compassion And Understanding.
Our team consists of board-certified Pediatricians who specialize in pediatrics for many years. We work closely with parents and families to offer customized services and produce the best outcomes for every child along with every step of their growth and development.


What Services Do We Offer?

Children Healthcare. Children healthcare in Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital is dedicated to making kids better today and providing them with a healthier tomorrow.

Newborn Healthcare. As soon as your newborn baby enters this world, he or she will receive a considerable amount of healthcare immediately. For a new parent, you need to take your newbaby healthcare into consideration.

Mental Development Check. With a wide range of services that include mental development services, we’re here to support your children every step of the way.

Nutrition Guidance. The program of nutrition guidance is part of the hospital’s comprehensive care, which aims to help patients make more nutritious choices and improve the overall health and well-being.

Mental Illness. A mental illness is a disease of the brain that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought or behavior, resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines, like hyperactivity disorder, autism, sleep disorders.

Baby Spa. Your baby can enjoy infant massage and swimming in a safe and clean environment here. All our staff have baby massage and maternity helper certifications that make sure your baby is in good hands.


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